Low Carb Paleo Baked Goods Delivered to Your Door

Want freshly baked goods delivered to your door each month? Pick a box!


Toronto's grain-free bakery.  Baked fresh and delivered to your door.

Grain-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, refined sugar-free, and low-carb.

Grain-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, refined sugar-free, and low-carb.


Love baked goods but want to eat low carb?

Baking with almond flour and other nut flours means our products are low in carbohydrates.  Eating healthy doesn't mean giving up on great tasting foods.  We are focused on low carb baking using simple ingredients that create rich flavours without ever having to add refined sugars to our products.      

We believe that what we put in our bodies is an important decision and want you to be able to choose healthy eating habits that are right for you.


Delicious.  Healthy.  Tasty.


We deliver anywhere in Toronto


  1. Select your items and place your order online - alternatively you can call 647-794-5406 or email orders@littlealmondbaking.com to place your order

  2. Order by Monday 11:59pm to receive your order on Wednesday, order by Friday 11:59pm to receive your order on Sunday

  3. Your order will be baked fresh and delivered to your door on the upcoming Wednesday or Sunday before 5pm*!

*orders are processed for the earliest available delivery date according to point #2 above

Delivery policy

Food Box Subscriptions

Receive a weekly or bi-weekly delivery of your selected food box.  If you select Wednesday delivery, your credit card will be billed on the Monday prior to your delivery date.  If you select Sunday delivery, your credit card will be billed on the Friday prior to your delivery date.

You can cancel your subscription any time by visiting the customer portal link that will be emailed to you once you subscribe or calling us at 647-794-5406

Delivery policy



All our muffins are baked with almond flour and bursting with rich, fresh flavours.  Our regular size muffins are a satisfying meal while the mini versions make a great snack.


Go grain-free on on your every day foods.  We bake with combinations of almond,coconut, and tapioca flour to achieve rich flavours and satisfying textures with every bite.


Cheat day!  But not really.  Treat yourself without feeling guilty. All of our snacks are sweetened with natural ingredients such as honey and maple syrup.  We aim to provide a more subtle sweetness in combination with the rich flavours, nutty goodness, and moist and fluffy textures. 

We never add refined sugar to any of our products, including our snacks!